North Weald Airfield Museum is a registered charity, No. 1081157.  Run and staffed by volunteers.
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February 18          P/O Harold Lovell, No. 151 Sqn March 27              P/O Peter Brierley, No. 25 Sqn April 2                   P/O Henry Fenton, No. 151 Sqn May 18                 F/O Frank Rose, No. 56 Sqn May 18                 F/Lt Ian Soden, No. 56 Sqn   May 25                 P/O John Bushell, No. 151 Sqn May 25                 Flt/Lt Frederick Ives, No. 151 Sqn May 29                 Sgt James Elliott, No. 56 Sqn June 17                 F/O Leonid Ereminsky, No. 151 Sqn June 18                 Sgt Maurice Aslin, No. 151 Sqn June 18                 P/O Leslie Wright, No. 151 Sqn June 28                 F/O Kenneth Newton, No. 151 Sqn July 9                    Lt John Howitt, Essex Rgt July 12                  F/O James Allen, No. 151 Sqn July 13                  Sgt Joseph Whitfield, No. 56 Sqn July13                   Sgt James Cowsill, No. 56 Sqn July 24                  P/O Jack Hamar, No. 151 Sqn July 29                  F/Sgt Cecil Cooney, No. 56 Sqn August 11             Sgt Ronald Baker, No. 56 Sqn August 12             P/O Robert Beley, No. 151 Sqn August 15             P/O Mieczyslaw Rozwadowski, No. 151 Sqn August 15             P/O James Johnston, No. 151 Sqn August 17             F/O John Coghlan, No. 56 Sqn August 18             P/O John Ramsay, No. 151 Sqn August 24             Pte John Barnes, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte James Bates, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Frederick Elliott, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Stephen Held, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Samuel Knight, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Nathaniel Miles, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Monty Pincus, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Stephen Shuster, Essex Rgt August 24             Pte Douglas Wood, Essex Rgt August 26             F/O Robert Edwards, No. 1 (RCAF) Sqn August 30             Sgt Feliks Gmur, No. 151 Sqn August 30             S/Ldr Eric King, No. 151 Sqn August 31             F/Lt Percy Weaver, No. 56 Sqn September 2        P/O John Bailey, No. 46 Sqn September 3        Sgt Gerald Edworthy, No. 46 Sqn September 3        P/O Douglas Hogg, No. 25 Sqn September 3        Arthur Sweeting, Civilian September 3        AC1 Harold Wood September 3        Cpl Stanley Wright, MT Section September 4        AC1 Leonard Heath September 7        P/O Robert Fleming, No. 249 Sqn September 9        S/Lt Jack Carpenter, No. 46 Sqn September 11      Sgt Stanley Andrew, No. 46 Sqn September 11      Sgt William Peacock, No. 46 Sqn September 14      F/O Richard Plummer, No. 46 Sqn September 15      F/O Hugh Lambert, No. 25 Sqn September 15      F/O Miles Miley, No. 25 Sqn September 15      LAC John Wyatt, No. 25 Sqn September 18      Sgt George Jefferys, No. 46 Sqn September 18      F/Lt Denis Parnall, No. 249 Sqn September 27      F/O Percival Burton, No. 249 Sqn September 27      P/O James Meaker, No. 249 Sqn September 30      P/O John Crossman, No. 46 Sqn October 10           Sgt Edward Bayley, No. 249 Sqn October 15           P/O Peter Gunning, No. 46 Sqn October 15           F/Sgt Eric Williams, No. 46 Sqn October 22           Sgt Robert Fraser, No. 257 Sqn October 22           P/O Norman Heywood, No. 257 Sqn October 22           Sgt Joseph Morrison, No. 46 Sqn October 26           P/O William Blair Pattullo, No. 46 Sqn October 29           AC1 Harold Elliott, Station North Weald October 29           Sgt Alexander Girdwood, No. 257 Sqn October 29           AC1 Luis Harradine, Station North Weald October 29           AC1 Thomas Saunders, No 249 Sqn October 29           AC2 Thomas Rothwell, No. 257 Sqn October 29           George Tyrrell, Civilian October 30           P/O William Millington, DFC, No. 249 Sqn November 1         Sgt Roger de Cannart d’Hamale, No. 46 Sqn November 2         P/O William Cochrane, Station HQ November            Sgt Bert Black, No. 46 Sqn December 5         P/O Cecil Young, No. 46 Sqn
North Weald Airfield Museum
North Weald Airfield Museum is a registered charity, No. 1081157.
Run and staffed by volunteers.
Memorial & Debt of Honour
Royal Air Force North Weald 1916-1964 Debt of Honour For your tomorrow we gave our today
The Personnel Aircrews from at least seven nations have been stationed at North Weald and, at one time or another, the local hostelries have echoed to the accents of Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, Czechs, Norwegians and Poles. Altogether, 267 men, women and civilians lost their lives while serving at the Station in peace and war and in the Debt of Honour no distinction has been drawn between death in the face of the enemy or in an accident on or around the airfield. All served . . . and all paid the supreme sacrifice. See those remembered below.
In June 1952, HRH The Crown Princess of Norway, Princess Astrid, unveiled a granite obelisk beside the main gate, on behalf of the two Norwegian squadrons which were based at the airfield during the Second World War, dedicated ‘in gratitude to the Royal Air Force, to the RAF Station North Weald, and to the people of the district’.
However, there has been no memorial specifically commemorating the service of the hundreds of aircrew and thousands of airmen and women who served at North Weald of whom so many lost their lives in the Allied cause. Over the years, several proposals were put forward to rectify the omission but not until February 2000 was the present memorial conceived. It has been specifically designed to be complementary and to enhance the original from Norway. The North Weald Airfield Memorial was dedicated on Sunday, September 3, 2000 the 60th anniversary of the heaviest raid on the airfield. The memorial incorporates a bronze cabinet housing the Debt of Honour and visitors are encouraged to take a copy as a reminder of the debt we owe to those who entered the main gate . . . never to return.
Also present with Princess Astrid of Norway is Wing Commander A. C. Deere, Station Commander of RAF North Weald at that time.(1952)
Princess Astrid of Norway unveiling the memorial stone outside Ad Astra House in 1952.
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